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Cape Cod Times Needy Fund



Why is branding so important?

Branding represents a set of promises.
It implies trust, consistency, and a defined set of expectations. Brands define not only what an organization does, but what an organization is. And a brand’s well designed logo facilitates the understanding of the brand’s purpose.

Why rebrand?

The strongest brands in the world own a positioning in their audience’s mind that is unique and can be articulated by almost everyone. But every powerful brand changes over time. Rebranding offers a great opportunity to strengthen an organization’s presence and image in the eyes of its audience. These powerful brands below have been evolving over years.

Here’s an example of a local non-profit organization that recently rebranded.

So, what was the process?

We worked with a marketing communications firm (Pierce-Coté Advertising) through the process. Stakeholders including our clients, staff, donors and board members were contacted to define our brand and the purpose it serves in our community. Based on the feedback, a value proposition was developed which precisely defines our brand. This served as a platform for which many alternate logo designs were developed and presented, until the decision was made on one that ideally represented the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund.

Introducing our new logo

The new logo tells a story of hope, care and compassion. It illustrates helping families and individuals in crisis. The larger of the three figures demonstrates shepherding and pointing upwards to a brighter future. The new color palette is pleasant and earthy, like Cape Cod. The sun locks in the logo with warmth. A newer, modern sanserif font is easily readable. No details will be lost in reproduction.

Logo Set

Brand Identity

Thank you for supporting us in the past and as we venture into the future.

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