Helping Cape and Islands Residents Since 1936.

Major Crisis Relief Fund

providing humanitarian aid after disaster

The Major Crisis Relief Fund (MCRF) is a program of the Cape Cod Times Neighbors Fund.

The MCRF was established in response to the mounting concerns facing our communities in the wake of natural and man-made disasters, including devastating hurricanes and blizzards, global virus outbreaks, and the threat of terrorist-related incidents.

To meet anticipated, unmet needs, MCRF emerged as a local disaster relief fund that prepares for and responds to those of our neighbors on Cape Cod and the Islands who need financial assistance for basic services.

Fund Focuses on Response to COVID-19

When we formed The Major Crisis Relief Fund (MCRF) in 2016, we pledged to respond to natural disasters such as hurricanes and blizzards as well as man-made crises like public health epidemics. We always said that it was a question of when, not if, a disaster would strike. While we anticipated that “the big one” would be weather-related on the Cape and Islands, it turned out that we ended up in the throes of a health pandemic affecting us and the rest of the world.

In response to the coronavirus, we mobilized to support our neighbors and keep our communities strong. We became the go-to local program responding to the unprecedented crisis. For those hit hard by COVID-19, we offered financial assistance for lost income, food, and a broad spectrum of related needs. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we provided over $700,000 in basic needs assistance to over 1,900 Cape Codders.

To learn more about the MCRF and our response to the pandemic…

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